Contributing to better lawyering: In conversation with Margot de Groot

It’s been said that lawyers are much like firefighters – called to help on what might be the worst days of a client’s life. Once the fires’ doused and business and/or personal crises return to normality, there is little ongoing need for a lawyer in one’s day-to-day life beyond the provision of good counsel and […]

The old ones are the best ones.

This article was originally published in the STEP Journal Volume 25/Issue 2. I was recently asked to address a group of students at a university college on the approaches that have sustained me over the 30-plus years I have been practising law, which have largely been spent in wills and estates. I observed that it […]

Pre-nups popularity picks up

As you may be aware, Family Law legislation was amended in December 2000 to allow parties to a marriage or anticipated marriage to enter into binding financial agreements. These agreements determine how property will be distributed between the parties in the event of a marriage break up. The legislation is most particular on the formalities […]