Payment Options

Client relationships are important to us.
That is why we offer a variety of different payment options, which can be tailored to your specific needs.



Pay your invoice online with our bank-transfer payment option. Transfer funds directly from your bank with no additional fees.


Pay your invoice online with our credit card payment option. Credit Card surcharge of 1.5% will be applied to all credit card transactions.


QuickFee offers an easy, no-hassle way for you to spread the cost of your invoice(s) totalling $500 or more up to 12 monthly payments*

How a QuickFee payment plan helps:

  • Keep working capital for other purposes.
  • Smooth your cashflow.
  • Access an additional line of credit without formal application or engaging the bank.
  • No additional security is required.
  • If you would like to pay off your loan with QuickFee early, any remaining interest is rebated.

Initial application fee and interest applies. No early payout/termination fees.

Value Pricing

Value pricing is a pricing strategy that primarily prices services based on agreed customer value, rather than according to time or other inputs. With value pricing, the price is agreed upon and fixed at the outset based on customer benefits rather than variable costs of production.

This approach has a number of benefits for customers and clients, including:

  • Price certainty: with value pricing, there should be no shocks or surprises;
  • Higher value: service providers retain a clearer focus on customer value, rather than just technical tasks;
  • Greater collaboration between service providers and customers/clients in order to agree on a scope or offering that delivers good value; and
  • More efficient service delivery.

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