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Michael Schneider

Special Counsel

Michael has over 25 years of experience in estate planning and related fields.  He has helped individuals, couples, families and businesses develop, implement, and then maintain their estate and succession plans.

Those Plans have ranged from the quite simple to the highly complex.

Michael takes the client through a process that efficiently uncovers the relevant issues, raises options for addressing those issues and assists the client settle on the decisions that will make up the final Estate Plan.

Michael aims to ensure that the three legacies have been addressed:

  • The financial legacy – This mostly involves effective distribution of assets. It can include asset protection measures for beneficiaries, potential for tax planning, addressing competing needs of different beneficiaries and other similar issues.
  • The administrative legacy – Who will be managing the Estate Plan should the need arise. How can we make their task easier?
  • The emotional legacy – How will people react to the Plan.  For most, this will be the last opportunity we have to either address relationship breakdowns or avoid any unintended hurt. This legacy is often overlooked.