We are a specialist law firm in the field of wills and estate planning,
estate administration and estate litigation..

By focusing exclusively on this area of law we have built a great breadth of expertise over several decades, and a reputation for consistently achieving results for our clients.

We also strive to continually improve our service to you. Each member of the firm is committed to achieving best practise in the law for clients through sharing knowledge and lending support.

Our Practices

Wills and Estate Planning

By making a will you are protecting your loved ones interests and will be freeing them of financial worries at a time of emotional distress and bereavement.

Deceased Estates and Trust Administration

When the time comes for your wishes to be carried out, de Groots has the expertise to help ensure the intentions expressed in a will are fully realised.

Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Should you ever want to contest a will, it’s important to have a legal partner that understands both the legal aspects and the strong emotions that often come with these situations.

Why Choose Us

We believe in making it personal

  • We hand-pick team members who suit your situation.
  • We aim to be sensitive to your feelings and your personal situation, not just the legal matters at hand.
  • We listen and we keep listening.
  • We aim to pick up all calls within three rings and return your calls within two hours.
  • We’ve designed our premises and meeting spaces to help create a sense of ease and give you the privacy
    you need.

We practise simplicity

  • We strive to take the mystique out of legal matters.
  • A simple will creates less ambiguity and a better chance of the outcomes you want.
  • We seek to fix fees as much as possible and agree on costs up front
  • We believe in using Plain English, in both our legal documentation and all our communications with you.
  • Our commitment to simplicity helps you take ownership and understand the processes and the legal documentation.

As specialists we have the knowledge to help

  • As a law firm our exclusive focus is on wills and estate planning, estate administration, and estate litigation.
  • From this specialist focus comes the expertise to give you outstanding service on any matter: from making a simple and effective will, through to complex estate and litigation matters.

Let’s Work Together